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Hello and Happy Friday to you. 
Here I am with another practice in pinpointing all that is great, magnificent, stupendous, you get the idea.  If you are like me you don’t do this often enough.  I spend too much time wanting or saying things like “Won’t it be great when this happens?”.  Maybe it is great right now.

As a teacher I am excited that I am still able to bring energy with me each day to work.  I’m at the critical point of the year where it is easy to feel worn down, and weak, allowing students to display behaviors that would not have been acceptable the first week of school.  Never!!!! 

I also survived my evaluation incurring zero significant wounds or battle scars.  I am a little frightened to grade some of my students tests from today, but since I am focusing on the positives, hey they finished them. 

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F.A.R.T.S. (Funny And Random Teacher Stuff)
I was walking behind a student who was talking about going to therapy with someone else.  They were asked why.  The reply was simply “Because I am %$#ed up.”  Simple and to the point.

Everything Else

  • My heart goes out to Haiti and I wished we paid more attention to countries like that when there isn’t a disaster
  • I have a great weekend of cross country skiing coming up
  • My family rules
  • I weigh less than I did last week
  • Tonight I am allowing myself a sweet, sweet, beer.

Peace Out fellow human beings, educators, and citizens.  Keep fighting the good fight.


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