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This is nuts!  What I am typing now will end up all over the place.  It will be pushed to multiple twitter accounts and then to a few blogs, all at the same time using Posterous.  I am really not sure what will happen or what it will look like just so you know.

In one place I write about teaching and in another I write about whatever I want and illustrate it with a t-shirt.  To all of you teachers out there welcome to my other side.  I may also lay a few F.A.R.T.S. down here. 

I think I will end this with a posterous F.A.R.T.

Suppose you are a principle and you have a student next door serving an in school suspension.  You are going about your daily business talking to parents, talking on the phone, dealing with discipline issues and the kid next door starts yelling back to you everything you did in the last half.  Things you said, etc.  What would you do?  It happened today.

Thanks for hanging in there with this everywhere at once experiment.  Until next time.

Peace Out.

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