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Monthly Archives: October 2009

  • This is what I call a manly note.

    “The California Assembly and Senate recently unanimously approved Assembly Bill 1176 to help the port of San Francisco with financing issues. But Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has decided to veto the legislation, sending a letter to the state Assembly chastising them for focusing on “unnecessary bills.” The San Francisco Bay Guardian also notes a second, more direct, message hidden in Schwarzenegger’s missive — contained in the first letter of each line: “

    tags: man, schwarzenegger, zone

  • Truly a man’s condiment.

    “Baconnaise, as this mana from the heavens is called, goes well on everything from sandwiches to french fries. “

    tags: man, baconnaise, thinkgeek

  • Why would men be interested in making small stuff look big?

    “The amazing microscope – it gives us a glimpse into a tiny world that we are generally unfamiliar with – an invisible world. We can suddenly see the structure and hidden components of everyday objects. Fibers and scratches suddenly appear, or small dots that make up printed materials. Insects look like complex machines from another planet. Objects take on new dimensions that can be enlightening and surprising. “

    tags: man, thinkgeek, microscope, manly, men

  • I shall blog about manliness and retire to my Man Cave. Let’s turn on the testosterone fountain of youth.

    “It’s time to rediscover the lost art of manliness, according to husband-and-wife writing team Brett and Kate McKay.”

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  • “When I started playing, they wouldn’t give me the ball, so I had to get it myself. Everyone is enamored with shooting, but rebounding is what got me drafted. First, forget all this blocking-out shit. Just go get the ball. That’s it. Go. Get. The. Ball. It doesn’t matter who’s in your way. You’re going to get some fouls, but you’re going to get more rebounds. Once you have the ball, always keep it high, because those little guys will be trying to grab it away.”

    tags: man, zone, barkley

  • Might be motivation for folks to head out the door for a run. Great for gadget geeks like me.

    tags: smartrunner, fatchomper, run, runner, running

  • I am not sure that this is what is really happening. Money doesn’t make great ideas people do. Support the people and things will improve. If you tie my salary to the test scores of my students I am pretty certain you won’t get a great pool of innovators.

    ““The best ideas come from great principals, great teachers, great superintendents and great districts making a difference in students’ lives,” Duncan said. “We have this amazing opportunity to invest in what works and erase the achievement gap and raise the bar to a different level for our children.”

    tags: ed, education, news

  • “At some point you may have heard someone speak of “polymers”. A polymer is a large molecule that is made of repeating structural units. These units are connected by what is called a covalent chemical bond. A well known polymer is “plastic”. In this experiment, we will make a polymer and then add a substance that will cause the polymer chains to cross link. Cross links are bonds that link one polymer chain to another. When the polymer chains are more “bound together”, they become harder to move around and begin to gel.”

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Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

  • “What makes “Cool Hand Luke” such a wonderful movie is its tone and tenor — widely imitated but not surpassed by other movies of its stripe. The movie is not about prison or chain gangs, but about the weather of a man’s spirit, and how he deals (or chooses not to deal) with what he’s been handed. Luke himself says it: “Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand,” and he sums himself up in that sentence.”

    tags: fatchomper, movie, Paul Newman

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