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Monthly Archives: April 2009

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What if people cared as much for each other as they did themselves?  What would that world look like?  I see more and more greed, complexity, and selfish behavior.  We are all in trouble unless we take a deep breath, back up, and find a better way.

I am on fire daily…why you might ask? I am a legend in my own mind as we should all aspire to be.

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Drink a Dead Guy for me.

This place will definitely fill your belly, but it really won't keep your wallet from going empty. Not that it is all that expensive, it's just by the time you have some of their outstanding ale you just don't care about the money anymore.

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Man dreams of biking to work in all seasons.

i miss bike_gang

I wish I lived closer to work so I could commute by bike during all seasons. I can handle spring and summer, but the studded tires haven't been tested yet.

Great Books On Bicycle Commuting

The beverages are all gone.
Because it has been scientifically proven that you need to drink to have a good time.

Celine Dion pops up on the playlist.
No explanation needed.

You find yourself stading on a pentagram
This probably isn’t your kind of party.

there is an Amway brochure on the counter
Just hold your wallet tight and leave.

Someone pulls out the D&D die
Dungeons and Dragons is s known cool repellant.

  • There are always challenges in the actual use of technology in instruction, not only in practical terms with familiarity with the technology itself, but more importantly, in a pedagogical sense as the benefits to teaching and learning are examined more thoroughly. How can the instructional uses of a wiki be maximized to ensure this higher level of engagement with students?

    I found this article useful as I just started a wiki this year with my science class and am still working out the kinks.

    tags: wikis, ed, technology

  • Called “Focus on Learning,” the grant program is offering 50 high-end document cameras–the Samsung 850DX–to K-12 teachers based on need. The 850DX, which normally sells for about $900, offers XGA resolution, a 14x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom, 20 FPS motion, and USB connectivity.

    tags: ed, tech, camera, samsung

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